You will need:

          Flexi curve ruler, available at an office supply store. They are generally 24” and blue, found in the graphic design area.
          Manila folder
          Felt tip pen.
          Chalk or tape.

It can be helpful to have a handler for the horse to get accurate tracings and photos.

Have the horse standing on level ground - as square as possible - looking forward.

          1) Place the flexi curve 3 fingers behind the shoulder blade. Gentle press down on each side.  Pick up the flexicurve from the center   and lay on the manila folder.  Make sure the left side of the horse is on the left side of the manila folder.  Align the center of the flexicurve over the crease in the middle of the folder.  Trace the inside of the curve. Write No. 1 by this tracing. 

          2) Repeat to make sure you have not moved the curve.

          3) Second Tracing:  Press the flexi curve at the lowest point of the wither coming into the spine repeat as above. Mark this as No. 2

          4) Third Tracing:  Find the last rib (T-18) and repeat as above. Mark No .3

Here is what your tracing should look like:


Please take photos outside to maximize light.
With the horse standing square looking forward with no saddle on:
          1 photo from each side (2 photos)
          1  photo looking from mid neck towards the rear left and then the right (2 photos)
          1 looking over the rump showing the wither area
          1 as above but with saddle on without a pad or girth
          1 looking from behind clearly showing how the back of the panels are laying on the back
          1 side view with girth on and rider mounted
          1 rear view with girth on rider mounted.

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